Website Design FAQ

This is a photograph with an aerial view of Cape Cod and the Islands from 220 miles above the earth, taken from a window of the Space Shuttle Atlantis by Dan Burbank.

  • How do I get started?
    Just call or e-mail to schedule a meeting, we will discuss your needs and even help you choose and set-up a domain name.
  • What is the payment procedure?
    The initial consultation is free. A 40% deposit is required before we begin development, then the remaining 60% on completion and approval of the design work.
  • Will I get to see what my Web site looks like before it's finished?
    After developing the basic design, we'll send you a link it to a private directory at Cape Cod Website Design. View the site, make comments, suggestions, and we will get it looking exactly the way you want.
  • Will I own the finished product?
    After final payment, you own the finished product. We simply ask your permission to include your Web design in our gallery portfolio.
  • Where will my Web site reside when we're done with its development?
    A Web hosting service will provide storage space and access for your website. We can assist you in choosing a Web hosting company, and we will take care of uploading all the files.
  • How will clients find my Web site?
    Don't rely on search engines alone — have a marketing strategy. Link to relevant sites, include your web site address in: brochures, newsletters, business cards, email, letterhead, phone message, Facebook, Twitter, newspaper or radio.
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